Transformations truSculpt® flex is a personalized muscle sculpting treatment that adjusts to your fitness level, shape, and goals to strengthen, firm, and tone your muscles.

The non-invasive muscle stimulation treatment gives you that extra edge to strengthen, firm, and tone your body. Your provider will customize placement of up to 16 handpieces targeting multiple small and large muscle groups. The premier truSculpt flex is clinically proven to tone or build muscles in 45-minutes with as little as four treatments.

truSculpt® flex treats 8 areas simultaneously.


TruSculpt Flex is a top choice among men and women seeking their best bodies! 

Wondering if TruSculpt Flex is right for you?

Benefits of TruSculpt Flex include:

  • Tones your body without the pain of a workout
  • Achieves your ideal buttocks contours
  • Sculpts your abdominals for 4- or 6-pack abs (your choice!)
  • Tightens and lift your thighs
  • Improves your entire body at once
  • Delivers results you can’t get at the gym!
  • Results within three weeks
  • Reduces back pain
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Convenient, non-invasive treatment
  • Safe, FDA-approved way to contour the body

Treatment sessions are 45 minutes long. A TruSculpt Flex initial treatment plan is typically four sessions spaced over a two week period. Within two weeks, patients accomplish the equivalent of over 100 workout sessions at the gym.

NO DOWNTIME is required after TruSculpt Flex: you can get right back to your day after your session. Many men and women decide to take the opportunity to hit the gym after TruSculpt Flex to optimize the results of their treatment

Transformations Redefining Muscle Sculpting


 Areas treated during a TruSculpt Flex session that lasts 45 minutes


Do you dream of six-pack abs?

Whether you want dramatic definition, or simply a tighter, flattering contour, TruSculpt Flex is customized to your goals. In order to deliver your preferred abdominal tone, TruSculpt Flex applicators will be placed on the upper and lower abdomen, as well as the flanks. The results of TruSculpt Flex have helped both men and women tone their waistlines, improve their posture, and fight consistent problems like back pain.


Full, strong booties are in-demand! Tone and lift your buttocks into a thing of beauty with TruSculpt Flex. Applicators will be strategically placed on and around the buttocks to achieve muscle tone and shape. If squats are not delivering your desired results, TruSculpt Flex can do so safely and effectively.


Build muscle and tone your thighs, without the pain or time of the gym. TruSculpt Flex applicators are placed over the anterior thighs (to treat the quads) and/or the posterior thighs (to treat the hamstrings) to target the unique needs of your thighs.

Whether you want a healthy tone, or are working toward muscular trunks, your treatment will deliver your preferred results.


With the muscle building and toning abilities of the TruSculpt Flex system, you can achieve greater muscular definition on your arms and legs. TruSculpt’s versatile applicators can be used to strengthen and enhance definition of the biceps, triceps, and gastrocnemius muscle groups, which are notoriously challenging to work out.


TruSculpt Flex targets the muscles. It is not designed to help eliminate fat. One of the benefits of TruSculpt Flex is an increase in metabolic rates, which can enable patients to burn more fat following their treatment. Individuals will see their best results from TrueSculpt Flex if they are within a few pounds of their goal weight and have healthy existing muscle tone.

If you have stubborn subcutaneous fat that refuses to respond to diet and exercise, you may be a good candidate for a combined treatment plan of CoolSculpting, followed by TruSculpt Flex. CoolSculpting is a non-invasive fat freezing treatment that make it easier than ever to get rid of unwanted fat, without inconvenience or downtime.

 What is the cost of TruSculpt Flex?

TruSculpt Flex is a highly customizable procedure. The price of treatment with TruSculpt Flex will depend on the details of your personalized treatment plan. Once you and our specialist have determined the number of treatments and the areas you would like to target, you will receive an appropriate cost breakdown.


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