Introducing Transformations Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal

The Soprano ICE machine cools the skin preventing burns and allowing for virtually painless, yet highly effective hair removal. Now you can have touchably smooth, hair-free skin without the pain of traditional laser technology.

Hair Removal All Skin Tones

Laser hair removal has existed for many years, but until recently it has been relatively inefficient on darker skin and lighter hair colors.

Transformations Soprano ICE is suitable for all skin tones and hair types and makes it possible to treat even during the summer months. Sun tanned skin can also be treated.


The Complete Solution for


Virtually painless

Proven safety record

All skin types, even tanned skin

Do men get laser hair removal too?

Soprano Ice offers treatments for men.

Don’t get caught up in the past prejudices regarding masculinity and older ones who got tired of those old, short-term solutions are all enjoying the benefits of modern laser technology. Each of them for their own personal preferences and satisfaction. Some do it selectively – either back, abdomen, shoulders, arms etc (mostly older men) and some get the full body treatment.



  • Virtually Painless – Treatment is virtually painless, delivering a massage-like sensation
  • Speed – Sessions are super-quick (sometimes half the treatment time of traditional lasers), even for large areas such as the legs or back
  • No Down Time – You can return to your normal activities, including working out at the gym, immediately
  • All Skin Tones and Hair Types – Effective results for light or dark skin as well as coarse or fine hair
  • Tanned skin – Treatments can be performed any time of the year, including on tanned skin
  • Perfect for any area of the body – Including sensitive or hard to reach areas such as ears, nostrils and bikini line
  • Proven Safety Record – Including for dark skin

Transformations Quick and Comfortable Hair Removal

How many laser hair removal treatments are usually needed?

 Because laser hair removal only targets hair follicles in the growth phase of the life cycle, repeat treatments will be needed. How many repeat treatments you will need depend on a number of factors, such as hormonal balance and skin sensitivity. We will be able to give you an indication of how many treatments you may need at your Consultation; however we find that most patients need at least 6 to 8 laser hair removal treatments.

For maximum value, you can save money by prepaying a course of 6 treatments: email us with your request for laser hair removal prices.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

Laser hair removal will permanently treat your existing hair follicles, so in that sense, yes, it is a permanent treatment. However, you may find that new hair follicles may appear in time. As laser hair removal does not prevent new hair follicles from forming, you may require top-up treatments to remove the new hair. The extent of new follicles appearing depends on your ethnic background and hormonal balance; this will be discussed at your Consultation. 

Are all laser hair removal treatments the same?

 Laser hair removal technology has improved dramatically in recent years, and no, not all laser hair removal treatments are the same.

Many old laser hair removal machines have more in common with IPL machines, in that they can be painful and slow.

At Transformations Aesthetic Solutions, we use Alma Laser’s state-of-the-art Soprano Ice machine.

Are there any possible side effects? What happens after the treatment?

There are no side effects, and there is no recovery time. You can resume your normal activities right away. It’s important that you use a sunscreen if you’re going to be outside in the sun. Other than that, you’re able to enjoy your regular perfume, deodorant or moisturiser as per usual.

 What do I need to do before a laser hair removal treatment?

 Good news: there is nothing that you need to do (or avoid) before a laser hair removal treatment.

 Please do not shave/wax/tweeze/etc. before your first consultation: it’s important that we can evaluate your hair type, and where it’s growing.

 On your first appointment, allow an additional 30 minutes for your Non-Surgical Consultation. This is where we’ll discuss your medical history; examine the area to be treated; and discuss your treatment plan. This is also your opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

What happens during the laser hair removal treatment?

 Because you will have had a half-hour Consultation with your laser hair removal specialist prior to your treatment, they will know exactly what to do. They’ll make sure that you’re happy and comfortable… the treatment itself is very quick. No local anaesthetic is required.

 You’ll be given a pair of dark glasses to wear during the treatment, to protect your eyes. The hair removal specialist apply a cooling gel on the area treated.

 The tip of the applicator is swept over the area to be treated; it’s constantly in motion, like a paintbrush. The sensation is virtually pain-free, and feels more like a hot stone massage.

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